Fast checkout for your customers, more sales for you.
Improve your customers shopping experience with OurPass One-Click checkout and increase your sales.
What OurPass offers your business
One-click checkout for your customers
75% of online shoppers easily abandon their carts if the checkout process on a website is complicated. We simplify your customer’s checkout process with our one-click checkout button. We make it easier for your customers to shop quickly without filling out their details or searching for their debit cards to shop from your store.
Increased sales
Your customers checking out faster means more completed purchases and more sales for your business.
Lower transaction fees
No matter the size of your business, we offer the most affordable and competitive pricing for your transactions. With OurPass, there are no hidden fees or charges.
Reach more customers
Turn OurPass users to your customers. Your eCommerce website appears on the explore page of our app to let our users know that they can check out in one click on your website.
A robust feature set
Get the most out of your
OurPass merchant dashboard
Track your growth
Stay on top of all your business activities. Get real-time analytics on your customers' shopping habits, keep track of all your orders and transactions.
Create and share payment links
Accept payments for your orders instantly. Create unique payment links to send payment requests and reminders to your customers easily.
Generate professional invoices
Create and send invoices from your OurPass merchant dashboard to your customers in seconds. Unique payment links are also attached to send reminders and accept payments easily.
Adding the OurPass Checkout button to your online store
Our plugins are easy and free to integrate into your online store. Get the OurPass Checkout button for your online stores built on WordPress, React.Js, Angular.Js, HTML and Vue.Js and many more. We have a team of Integration specialists ready to support you and your team through the entire process.

How to get started with OurPass

1. Create a free merchant account

Fill in all your business details correctly and verify your account.

2. Get your API key

Copy your Live Secret Key from your Business account.

3. Link it to your platform

Copy your Live Secret Key from your Business account .

Fraud protection
The privacy and security of you and your customers are our priority. We are PCI DSS compliant and have advanced security protection that keeps you safe from fraudulent activities.

Experience the easiest and fastest way to sell online

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Increased sales

Fast and secure payments

Real-time analytics