OurPass Connect
One-click checkout forplatforms and marketplaces
The fastest and easiest way to integrate payments into your software platform or marketplace. Our set of programmable APIs for platforms and marketplaces provides one-click checkout for customers and gives developers the opportunity to build an end-to-end payment experience.
How is Works
The fastest and easiest way to checkout
Launch faster
You can go live faster by avoiding the upfront costs and development necessary for payment facilitation.
Optimize revenue growth
With our one-click checkout, you can make platform or marketplace payments a powerful source of revenue.
Scale faster
Using a single integration, you can reach more customers with a unified and global payment platform.
Expand beyond payments
Become the go-to provider of bank accounts, banking-as-a-service, and payment methods by offering OurPass' complete platform to your users, service providers, and merchants.
Accept payments
With Connect, your customers can accept payments online, invoicing or at the point of sale.
Ways to accept payments
  • Online and mobile payments
  • Point-of-sale payments
  • Invoicing
Control the flow of payments
With Connect's payout engine, you can split funds between multiple users and specify your earnings per transaction. You can also pay out your users quickly and reduce operational overhead.
How it works
Manage your platform.
Keep full records of all transactions, track and reconcile payments with ease.
Connect gives you the ability to do the following:
Update user information
Send funds
Issue refunds
Handle chargebacks
Build custom reports
Built-in fraud prevention and compliance.
We prioritise your privacy and security which is why we are PCI DSS compliant and possess cutting-edge security protection that safeguards you from fraudulent activities.
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