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OurPass Taps Bugcrowd’s Global Community of Security Researchers to Boost Cybersecurity
OurPass, an African startup transforming the digital commerce experience has launched its 1-click checkout for all Ecommerce and Social commerce platforms.
Dooshima Sen
November 13th, 2020 5 mins read

With OurPass, online shoppers can complete their online purchases at the speed of 1 click. Online merchants can now integrate OurPass checkout to their e-commerce and social commerce platforms.

On average, it takes 12-to-18 clicks to pay at Checkout. With Pass, checking out on an online store is now a much simpler experience as it eliminates the need to fill lengthy forms and enables buyers to complete their checkout in one click.

3 out of 4 Shopping carts are abandoned yearly. This issue is often attributed to the often cumbersome nature of the traditional checkout experience and can be alleviated by reducing the friction that comes with the traditional checkout experience

The first time a buyer purchases an item on any site that uses OurPass, they simply enter their contact information and payment details as they normally would buy the item. From that one purchase, they are automatically signed up and can use one-click checkout at any store with Checkout, regardless of device or browser, and without a password.

“Security is of utmost importance and remains top of mind at OurPass, to ensure security of the platform and above all, strengthen customers confidence; OurPass has partnered with Bugcrowd, the world's #1 crowdsourced cybersecurity platform” said Eze Samuel, Co-founder & CEO at OurPass.

The Bugcrowd platform seamlessly integrates the collective expertise of the crowd into customers’ security ecosystems. The company’s global community of ethical hackers surface and rapidly process critical vulnerabilities that may evade existing security testing processes. By connecting the right experts to the right use cases, Bugcrowd helps companies find, prioritize and fix security vulnerabilities at unprecedented scale and speed.

Bugcrowd is used by many tech companies including Twilio, Atlassian, and HP.

“Bugcrowd is delighted our market in Nigeria is expanding and to partner with OurPass to ensure their market leading one-click model proves to be the most secure,” said James Clegg, Managing Director, EMEA at Bugcrowd. “This approach will provide the most assured cyber service that allows e-tailers to increase the number of shopping carts that end in the secured one click purchase.

OurPass also assists online merchants in Nigeria with their logistics as items purchased via OurPass one-click checkout are delivered via one of their trusted logistics partners, Gokada, amongst others. For more information and to sign up for OurPass click here