How can I Upgrade my Account?

Individual Businesses

Step 1: Login to your OurPass account and select Compliance

Step 2: Complete the form with your business information and upload a Valid ID (International Passport, Driver's license, Voter ID, NIN etc.)

Step 3: Click on "Verify."

Your Individual Business is now verified!

Registered Companies

Step 1: Enter and verify your CAC number. (Make sure business name on account match that on CAC)

Step 2: Upload relevant CAC documents depending on the type of registered company.

Your Registered Company Account is verified
How can I Invite Team Members To a Merchant Account?

Step 1: Log in to Your OurPass Merchant Account.

Step 2: Visit the "Account" section located on the bottom-left pane of the Merchant Home Page.

Step 3: Click on "Teams." You will see a list of your current team members who have been added including you, their permission levels, dates added and actions.

Step 4: Click on "Add Member." Input the email address and permission level of the individual you want to add. Once you select a permission level

Step 5: Click on "Save New Role" at the bottom right of the page.

And your new team member has been successfully added!

Team invites are only available on web.

Who bears the transaction charge?

Transaction charge on inflows is waived while a token of N20 (Twenty Naira Only) is charged to the business for every outflow.