How do I get a POS terminal for my business

How to request on the app

Sign up/ Log into your account

To begin, you must have an OurPass account and be a verified merchant. Download the OurPass app on Playstore or the Apple Store. Sign up and follow the detailed verification process to get verified.

Open the menu bar

Once logged in, click on the three parallel lines at the top left of the home page to open the menu bar.

Select ‘’Point of Sale (POS)’’Proceed to select the Point of Sale option from the menu bar.

Click on Request POSClick on the Request POS button clearly shown on the page.

Fill in all necessary details

Once you click on the Request POS button, a form would be presented for you to fill out. Once filled completely and thoroughly, click on Request Terminal.

The volume of your transactions with us for a minimum of 2 to 3 months qualify you for a POS terminal

How do I check account balance on the POS?

On your POS terminal, select Check Balance and provide your PIN.

Your account balance will be displayed on the screen

Who bears the transaction charge?

Transaction charge on inflows is waived while a token of N20 (Twenty Naira Only) is charged to the business for every outflow.

How much does it cost to get a POS from OurPass?

OurPass POS terminals are issued at a cost of N25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira Only)