What is OurPass?

Ourpass is a Global Neobank providing smart banking solutions for businesses.

With our fast payment transaction processes and friendly user interface, we provide businesses with seamless banking products to increase overall profitability and growth within the shortest possible time

Yes, It is that simple!

Is it free to sign up on OurPass?


You can create your OurPass account completely free of charge.

Who bears the transaction charge?

Transaction charge on inflows is waived while a token of N20 (Twenty Naira Only) is charged to the business for every outflow.

What is a Transaction Pin?

When you sign up for an OurPass account, you will be required to create a 5-digit transaction pin.

This will be used to authenticate all your transactions that involve sending money from your OurPass wallet to any other bank account across Nigeria

Transaction Limit
Un-Registered Businesses

Individual Accounts

Daily Limit - NGN 200,000

Per Transaction Limit - NGN 50,000

Registered Businesses / Sole Proprietorship’s

Daily Limit - NGN2,000,000

Per Transaction Limit - NGN 500,000

LLC’s and PLC’s

Daily Limit - NGN3,000,000

Per Transaction Limit - NGN 1,000,000

If you'd like to increase your transaction limit to a custom amount, kindly upload your identity document and verify your Address by uploading the necessary documents under "Address verification" on the Business Compliance Page.

For more details, visit;

Can I Perform International Transactions?

At the moment, you can only conduct all transactions in NGN across Nigeria via local bank accounts and debit cards.

However, we are in the process of implementing International transactions as part of our roadmap.

We will definitely keep you informed on what's to come!

How does OurPass Ensure Security?

OurPass works with industry leaders in the security space, including VGS (Very Good Security) and Bugcrowd.

Through our partnerships, we are PCI DSS compliant.

We have checked off every security requirement and are one of the best in keeping your data safe. With OurPass, in addition to a seamless online shopping experience, your privacy and security is our top priority.

How can I transfer money?

Step 1; Log in to your OurPass account

Step 2: Click on Transfers  at the middle of the home screen

Step 3: Click on the preferred options, Bank Withdrawal for other banks transfer or on OurPass Account for  another OurPass account.

Step 4: Follow the steps to make your transfer.

Can I view my previous transactions (transaction history)?

Yes you can.

Log in to your OurPass account, Scrollup, to the Transactions icon

Click on SEE ALL arrow and view all transactions made.