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We offer affordable and competitive pricing for your business transactions. OurPass only charges for each successful sale.



Local Transactions


  • Free integration
  • Automatic settlements within 24hrs
  • No maintenance fees
  • Fees are capped at NGN 2,000, meaning that's the maximum you'll pay per transaction

International Transactions


International payments are coming soon. We are working to help businesses scale globally.


Transfers to Bank account
Bank Transfer
On all Transactions

Transfers into Business account
Direct Transfer
capped at NGN 50

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Prof Nduibuisi Ekekwe

Chairman, Tekedia Capital

When the OurPass team pitched the idea, I saw an unbounded opportunity which will fix frictions as the markets transition into the digital space. Today, that idea is a category-king in Africa. Super-excited to support OurPass as it puts global digital business within a click!

Sunil Sharma

Managing Director, Techstars

OurPass is laser-focused on improving the eCommerce experience for the next billion internet connected consumers in the world.

James Clegg

Managing Director & General Manager, EMEA at Bugcrowd

This approach has proven a huge success for one-click shopping and obliterates those abandoned online shopping baskets with items left hanging.