Save time by giving your team better access

Empower your team, manage all your sub business accounts and simplify your business — all in one place

Team Management

Don’t do everything alone anymore. Trust your team to do more, in a controlled manner, while you focus on what’s really important.

  • Simplify task management by assigning roles and responsibilities to team members

  • Improve team collaboration by enabling them to monitor transactions in real time

  • Assign the right-level of access, permissions and control to key employees for withdrawals and bills payments

  • Simplify task management by assigning roles and responsibilities to team members

How can I add team members to my OurPass business account?


Click on “Accounts” in the
main menu


Click on “Team”


Click on “Add member”


Input the new team member’s email
address and role


An email will be sent to the team
member address


Ask the team member  to click on the
link in the mail and to sign up


Once signed up, the team member immediately
has access to all approved permissions

It’s that easy!


  • Manage your branch operations from anywhere in the world

  • Simplify the management of your multiple branches

  • Add each branches and/or sub-business to your parent account easily

  • View all transactions across all branch locations in one place

Create your sub businesses in 3 easy steps?


Login to your main account

Click on your main business name on the top left corner


Click “Create new business”

Click on the create new business in the


Add business details

Add your “business name” and “business email address” And you're done

Add as many new businesses/branches as you would like and gain absolute control over your transactions in one simple swoop.

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